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Winter Wonderland Branding

For this project, we were paired into groups and had to create alternate realities, possible futures, and cryptic languages. We worked with the intersections/liminal moments of time and space to collectively create our own alternate realities and design artifacts pertaining to that reality. My group created an alternative universe called Scamland. Scamland was a continent full of other countries. Each of these countries featured a specific aesthetic. For my country, I used my love for snow and Michigan winters to fuel this countries aesthetic. I wanted this country to represent me. I used images that I have taken around Michigan throughout the years. I used my memories to invent a new land. I had to be careful and strategic with the images I picked to represent my country. I had to ensure that the places I used were not recognizable in the images.  

I designed a poster, postcard, currency, passport, and open form for this project. I choose a milk carton for my open form because it is a universal product. I used images of the snow and printed and ripped them up. I used mod podge and hot glue to attach the ripped paper to the milk carton. I also used purple paint to help tie in the milk carton to the rest of the project.

This project was featured in Wayne State’s 2023 Undergraduate Graphic Design Senior Show, Reality Check.